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Don’t Ya Know It’s Hard Out There For a Teacher


It’s so depressing being a teacher.  Other than my teacher friends, the general consensus I come across (including some so-called friends) seems to be that teaching is a poorly operated profession, where teachers get way too much money for way too little work.  No matter what, teachers are wrong.  No matter how your child is doing, what the grades are, what the behaviors are, or what the salary is, the general public vilifies teachers.  Sadly, even school boards are against their own teachers.  Case in point:

In September of 2013, Kelly Mascio had an unusual day in her Kindergarten classroom.  The students were in and out of the room with testing and she and her aid split the kids into groups.  One group came back before the other, and general disruption occurred, as it does in K, but they all sat down to watch a movie.  Here’s what happened next.  Please read it.  It’s appalling.

I can’t believe the school board’s decision to suspend this woman.  Are they crazy?!  She did her job and they are trying to fire her?!  What would they do if she didn’t report this?  Give her a promotion?  To the school board?

Hundreds of people came out to support her.  That’s quite impressive, but sadly, there are people that think she’s entirely in the wrong.  And most of the people that are siding with the school board are not questioning the parents.  There is something seriously wrong in one or both homes for FIVE YEAR OLDS to engage in this behavior.  What is wrong with these people?!

It seems that teachers can do nothing right.  The salary is too high, the summer is too long, we get free benefits, teachers are irresponsible, they are slackers that don’t help kids make progress let alone prepare them for the world…  Any of this sound familiar?

Again, it’s a depressing profession.  I had a teacher come to me today because she feels like a failure and needed an ear.  One of her students is making no progress this year and she feels responsible.  I don’t blame her.  Any of us would.

If we listen to the naysayers out there, we’ll never go back to work.  If we let the angry, pitchfork-wielding mob get in our heads, we’ll quit and find a more respected profession.  This is why we need to build each other up.

Be sure to give your coworkers a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them.  Tell them how much they mean to you, your school, the students.  Tell your teacher friends that you know how hard they work at their job.

I am proud of every one of my teacher friends.  I am proud of their commitment to the future, and proud of their tireless work they do every day.

I’m also proud of Kelly.  She did what she had to do; she did the right thing. I support her as a teacher, and as a friend.


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