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I Just Need to Vent. Sorry.


I’m over it.  I’m over being a teacher.  I’m done.  I just don’t need a new school, or grade, or student body.  It’s more than that.

I’m tired of students not coming prepared.  I’m tired of lazy students.  I’m tired of students that can’t/won’t think for themselves.  I’m sick of parents that do (or don’t do) things that set their children up for failure.

The kids are unable to problem-solve.  They are unable to think outside the box.  If it’s not right in front of their faces, it doesn’t exist.  And if it doesn’t exist, they won’t attempt any other course of action.  They just stop working.

I don’t understand.  How are these kids going to survive “out there?”  I know it’s only third grade, and I know they’re only 8 or 9, but they are in for a rude awakening in the coming years and nothing their teachers are doing seems to be getting through.  Are my expectations too high?  Am I worrying for nothing?

I have two students who can’t pay attention for more than 20 seconds at a time.  I’m not exaggerating.  I timed them both today.  The moms both say they see this same behavior at home and are frustrated by it.  *Spoiler alert: I’m going to yell.  IF YOU’RE FRUSTRATED BY IT, AND THE TEACHERS  REPEATEDLY TELL YOU ABOUT IT, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Go to the pediatrician and talk to him/her about medication for your child.

I’m fine with that not being the first choice, or the first course of action you want to try.  Medication isn’t always the answer.  However, when all other options are exhausted, the child’s attention is getting worse, he’s disorganized, and FAILING, perhaps you need to rethink the medication option.

Maybe it’s because I’m not a mom, but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t at least try that option for the benefit of your child.  How can a parent stand by and let their child struggle in school?  Shouldn’t you want to do everything you can so your child is successful?

And then there’s the general public’s opinion of teachers.  On March 10, I posted about a friend and her trouble with her school district.  While there are many that support her, there are many that spoke out against her (including her own school board), as well as teachers in general.

Every article I read on the Internet (right there’s my first problem) has hundreds of negative comments about teachers and the profession.  I’m not just talking about run-of-the-mill bad-mouthing.  I’m talking vitriolic hatred for teachers.  It’s disheartening and depressing.  I’m questioning why I still teach.  Why am I in a thankless profession?  Teachers are thought of akin to criminals.  Is that what I want to do?

Maybe I’m just old.  Maybe I’m jaded.  Maybe I’m tired, overworked, stressed out in general.  Maybe I should step away from the red Moscato “grape juice.”  But what else can I do?

What else can I do that gives me partial summers off?  And a week at Christmas?  And where else can I have a child turn to me at the end of a half hour battle of wills and say, “I’m ready to make up.”  Where else can I make fun of kids and they give it right back to me?

I have some thinking to do.



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