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Reflection on my Christmas Break


We were given an unprecedented two weeks off this year for Christmas break.  It was wonderful.  I lazed around and did almost nothing.  That’s not true.  I ate.  A lot.  Cookies, bread, chocolates, popcorn, and cheese all found their way in.  Alright…I let them in, who am I kidding? 

I also watched all the Christmas shows and movies I could find.  I typically do not watch those cheesy Hallmark/LMN mushy romance movies.  I can’t stand them; however, plop a Christmas bow on them and I’m all over it.  I can’t get enough.  Window Wonderland, Fir Crazy, Let it Snow, Meet the Santas, and many others were watched several times those two weeks.  I think on December 26th, 2014, the Hallmark Channel announced that it’s Christmas season for 2015 begins on November 1st.  It’s on my calendar.

ABC Family channel had their 25 days of Christmas and I couldn’t have been happier.  These are the shows and movies I grew up with.  The Heat Miser and Cold Miser never get old, and Scrooged is a favorite for a much deeper meaning than the movie provides.  Of course every time Christmas Vacation is shown I watch it.  Ev-er-y time.    

ABC Family also had their obligatory Harry Potter weekend.  The Hubs is sick to death of HP.  I watch them whenever they’re shown, and always cry from the time Dumbledore dies through Snape’s memories in the pensieve.  Always. 

Am I the only one who is sad when TV channels and radio stations go back to playing their normal routines?  It’s a bit depressing that all the happy, jolly, fun, jingly, stuff goes away.  I guess that’s what makes it special when it comes around again.  Thank God for Pandora and it’s Jazz Holidays Radio!  That plays all year. 🙂

I also decided, over this two week break, that I could, indeed, be a hermit.  All I need are books to read, knitting and cross-stitch supplies, coffee, and the Internet connection to order it all.  I’ll bet even the locusts and honey are appetizing if prepared correctly.  

Happy New Year, everyone!

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