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Do Titles Matter? I Guess They Do.


I want to begin this post by saying I have nothing against paraprofessionals (teacher assistants, to the layman).  Many of my dearest friends are paras, and some of the best times I’ve had have been with these awesome women.  They do as much work for the students as teachers do, and are paid less than half […]

Crisis of Faith


I think I’m having a crisis of faith.  Not in the Big Guy, the Original G, but in the profession I love.  I don’t want to be a teacher anymore, and it’s breaking my heart. Prior to this writing, I’ve had frustrating days, weeks, and even a year or two.  They seemed to be never-ending, […]

I Just Need to Vent. Sorry.


I’m over it.  I’m over being a teacher.  I’m done.  I just don’t need a new school, or grade, or student body.  It’s more than that. I’m tired of students not coming prepared.  I’m tired of lazy students.  I’m tired of students that can’t/won’t think for themselves.  I’m sick of parents that do (or don’t […]

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