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Symbaloo-My Newest Obsession


We began using Chromebooks in my school this year and had two days of training in which we received TONS of nerdy, awesome information. First off, I LOVE Google and Chrome.  So much to do; so much to be done. Our instructor was Rich Kiker who never batted an eye when we had difficulty, shared amazing ideas, and most importantly, was from North East Philly.  He grew up about 20 minutes from me in St. Martin’s parish (If you are lucky to be from the Great North East, you’ll understand that reference.).

The most exciting thing Rich showed us was for education. OMG the possibilities are endless!  Symbaloo YouTube <—Watch this! 

You can set up an entire webmix with all your websites that you want available for your students, group them by type, and never need to post or bookmark numerous websites. This is a screenshot of my Symbaloo webmix:

Symbaloo   Your Bookmarks and favorites in the cloud

I have Social Studies in blue, ELA in orange, math in green, and spelling/typing in grey.  The white tiles are for me to use, unless there is something specific I want the kids to use.  If so, I can taylor the tile to go directly to the part of the website they need.  I am on my webmix every day playing with it and adding tiles.  

You can add other webmixes to your profile.  Take a look through the gallery and you will find pages and pages of webmixes for countless education uses. The two webmixes I’ve added (so far) are by GallagherTech and Rich Kiker.

Check out my Symbaloo webmix and create several of your own.  It’s addicting.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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