This Side of Third

…and second

Just a Few Thoughts


School Districts: When paperwork takes precedence over progress and rapport, it’s time for Education to step back and take a look at itself.  Why is what Education looks like more important than what Education is?  (That’s a horribly constructed sentence. Sorry.)

Federal Government: It’s 2015. Let two legal, consenting adults to marry the person they love. Man-man; man-woman; woman-woman~Love is love. Let the Lord sort it out in the end.

Sports Illustrated: 12 is not plus-sized. Get over your sanctimonious selves.

Parents: Vaccinate your kids. Seriously.

Fox News states the president is looking for authorization to attack ISIS. Dear Mr. President: You have my permission, authorization, and blessing.  Go!

Did I miss anything? If I did, feel free to add it below.

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