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I hate to drop the “B-phrase” on you guys, but there’s no denying it…it’s that time.  Sigh.  We are headed back to a new year.  This is our new beginning.  Time to let last year go, and embrace the challenges (both good and bad) of the new year.

Maybe this is your first year.  Could be your first year in a different school, county, state, grade level.  Maybe you’re going back to the same position you’ve had for the last 30 years.  Maybe this is your last year.  As for me, I’ll be starting with a new-ish grade level team and a totally new special ed team.  Lots of changes; lots to learn.

If you’ve been reading along, first, thank you.  Second, you know that last year was difficult.  Even developments over the summer have tested my patience.  I’m not going to rehash it.  To quote my aunt, “It is what it is.” Or in this case, it was what it was.  What I am going to do, as difficult as it may be, is let go and let God.  OK, that’s a lie.  At first I’m going to talk with a particular person, clear a few things, and then let go.  That may also be a lie.  I’ll TRY to let go.

What I want to do here is be encouraging to fellow teachers, whether you’re starting out, making changes, or going back to what you know.  I want teachers to know that you are appreciated, if only by fellow teachers.  I want teachers to know that you are doing a phenomenal job.  Regardless of where you teach, the salary you make, the out-of-pocket expenses you accrue, the hours you dedicate, the backlash from parents, media, admin, and the occasional bratty kids, and how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally, YOU ARE AWESOME.  

Go into this school year with a fresh outlook, a clean slate, and a smile.  Go back with the attitude that you will make a difference.  Start this year with a smile, a prayer, a large coffee, and maybe some homemade baked goods for your team.  If you need to add some Bailey’s to that coffee, be sure to brush your teeth before you talk to anyone.  Be the encourager to those around you.  It really is contagious.

Have an amazing 2015-2016 school year!!

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